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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

MEET A VILLAGER: Stephanie VanDevander

Formerly with the Vice President’s Office of National Security Affairs

Meet A Villager: Stephanie VanDevander

story: James Combs  photo provided

Noteworthy achievement: While working as a civilian with the U.S. Air Force at the Pentagon, I was selected and detailed to the Office of the Vice President of the United States in the White House. I worked for then-Vice President George H.W. Bush during both terms of the Reagan Administration. My office was the Vice President’s Office of National Security Affairs. Once he was elected president, my relationship continued with Mr. Bush and I was appointed to two different political positions within his administration. My career with the federal government spanned 33 years.

Working for a president: When working for a president, one keeps an open mind every day because, as a political appointee, you have a schedule and an agenda for each day. However, that schedule can change in an instant since your mission for the day is actually dictated by world events. You have to be ready and willing to be called back into the office at all hours, or to pack your bags for travel at a moment’s notice. Canceled or postponed personal plans are the norm. However, it was truly an honor and a privilege to work for and witness history alongside President Bush — a man of great integrity, strength of character, grace, and dignity.

Favorite getaway: I like to find a resort-type hotel either right on a beach or at the foot of mountains, depending on the season. I like to enjoy the amenities of the resort while communing with nature by walking on the beach or hiking in the woods.

Collection: I collect thimbles. Some have been handed down to me and are antiques. Others I have enjoyed collecting from antique or gift shops, mostly through my travels. They offer great memories.

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