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4:06 pm EST
Tuesday, December 1, 2020



story: Fred Hilton photo: Fred Lopez

Noteworthy achievement: After a career as a teacher and school administrator, I retired and reinvented myself as a photographer. I take photos of striking landscapes, nature macros, and scenes of The Villages. People select a photo they love and then I print it on canvas for them. Photography is my passion. More than just recording an event or object, a photograph is an artistic interpretation of that event or object. It conveys my point of view and my feelings.

Collections: I collect Smurfs. I have about 430 different Smurf figures and add 10 or 12 new ones each year.

Favorite travel destination: Two favorite destinations are Alaska and Turkey. Alaska’s wildlife and scenery cannot be equaled. Turkey’s people — warm, engaging, and eager to share their culture — made the trip there unforgettable.

Something about you nobody knows: I grew up on a farm north of Milwaukee and was active in the 4-H Club. One year I took my yearling Holstein cow to the state fair where she won the ribbon as the best yearling in the state.

Charitable involvement: I work at the Shared Harvest Garden, where we raise vegetables for food pantries and meals-on-wheels programs. I also write and lead women’s retreats for my church, Amazing Grace of Oxford.

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