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12:35 am EDT
Wednesday, October 21, 2020



Noteworthy achievement: In 2010 I received the Lifetime Achievement Award from my high school in Maryland. I was chosen among all students who graduated from Surrattsville High School since its inception in the early 1900s. I received the award because of my community service to The Villages and my work with The Villages Twirlers and Drum Corps.

First automobile and what it meant: My first car was a red Datsun 510 Station Wagon. I was proud of it because it was not given to me. I saved up for the down payment and then paid $71 a month for two years!

Favorite destination: Anywhere on an island via a cruise ship. As a matter of fact, many times I don’t remember where I am going; I just love to cruise with my husband, Mike.

Personality type: Anyone who knows me would probably say I am a Type A personality. I am either running on hyper speed or I am asleep. There is no middle ground with me. I think that type of personality is required to run the 105-member Twirlers and Drum Corps team. I want us to succeed in all our events and parades!

Something about yourself nobody knows: Just five weeks ago I found my birth mother after 60 years! I am so blessed and so happy to finally connect with her. She is 90 years old, and I hope to meet her in person next spring.

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