Man, oh man

Ten years ago, I made the most important and best decision of my life. I married my soul mate and wonderful husband, Doug.

We came into the marriage with our own children. I had two sons and a daughter, Michael, Matthew, and Shaena. Doug had two daughters, Aubrey and Brooke. Just like in The Brady Bunch, we all came together under one roof, and our house took a little bit of time to get settled. Then, three years ago, we adopted our son Conner and now our beautiful family is complete.

Here’s the really interesting thing. You know how spouses always complain how they have very little time to spend together? Well, that was never going to be an issue with Doug and me. The year we were married is the same year we opened a brand-new company together and launched a brand-new publication, Healthy Living Magazine.

A decade later, I can honestly say that being with Doug—whether it’s at home or at work—is when I feel the happiest. We may be exceptions, but I think working together makes our marriage work better. Outside of work, we enjoy offshore fishing near Ozello and sipping on margaritas. What we’re most proud of is seeing our six children grow into outstanding young men and women.

I’m sure that you, our faithful readers, have a special man in your lives whether he’s a dad, husband, uncle, brother, grandfather, etc. Style has dedicated this issue to those wonderful men.

Men, for your reading pleasure, our staff writers have covered the following topics for the 2018 ‘Man’ual: manliest restaurants, local manly adventures, the five-fastest cars, and the most popular boat on the market. We also sent one of our male writers to a day spa so he could meet the ultimate manhandlers—a massage therapist and nail technician. He discovered there’s nothing wrong with a back rub and footbath at the end of a busy day.

I want to wish all the men out there a happy and healthy Father’s Day! You guys rock!

Until next month,