Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
01:29 pm
18 September 2018

Make eating-in a habit

Americans are eating out more than ever, according to a recent report by the Nutrition Journal. Busy schedules, after-school activities, and working late all make it more difficult to prepare a home-cooked meal. But spending time on food preparation and cooking may improve the health of the whole family, American Journal of Preventative Medicine reports. The journal offers these tips:

Plan ahead: Have the family plan the week’s menu.

Use what’s on hand: There are usually lots of items in the pantry, and try the Meal Maker Machine to create recipes with the ingredients you have.

Get everyone involved: Assign cooking tasks and include the children.

Do prep work: Take time on the weekend to wash, chop, and store veggies or do batch cooking on the weekend so meals are ready to be heated.

Give pressure cooking a try: Pressure cookers save time and create great food. The newer ones are safer and have multiple functions.