Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
9:06 pm EDT
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

MacInnis Dermatology has hired ‘The Hug Doctor’

Two things I’ve learned today:

  • Your skin is a true reflection of your body’s health.
  • MacInnis Dermatology is not your usual kind of business.

Dr. Colleen MacInnis just opened her newest dermatology office in The Villages, at 1950 Laurel Manor, Suite 124, adding to her already established business locations in Leesburg and Mount Dora.

She was visibly emotional that her clients voted her ‘Best Dermatologist’ in the 2018 issue of Lake and Sumter Style Magazine’s “Hot 100” list of healthcare professionals.

“Nothing means more to me than what the people think,” said the effusive Dr. MacInnis.

“We want to thank everyone for choosing us. We are here to care for people in our community.”

That feeling was shared by her 31-member staff attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony held recently along with clients, well-wishers, and many members of the Lady Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

“We hire only good, kind people who truly love what they do,” said Dr. MacInnis, “Patient care is central to us and choosing the right staff is the place we start.”

Demonstrating that philosophy is her newest physician, Dr. Kay A. Johnston, recently hired from St. Angelo, Texas, where she had her own practice for 18 years.

With an Air Force military background, Dr. Johnston is the picture of professionalism, then she swoops in for a hug.

“We call her ‘The Hug Doctor,’ said Nichole Holoman, director of operations for the practice,

“Her bedside manner is very warm. As surgeons, she and Dr. MacInnis are impeccable.”

Very approachable, Dr. Johnston is the seventh of 14 children and entered the Air Force at a young age, received an education, served her time in the military, then opened her own practice in Texas and settling down with her family.

Now, years later, she is a new resident of The Village of LaBelle.

Dr. Johnston wants people to know she accepted the position because of the family atmosphere at the MacInnis practice.

“I chose to work with Dr. MacInnis because she and her staff really care about each individual who walks through these doors,” she said. “This is not an assembly line office. I also liked the fact that the grandkids will want to come visit, since it’s so near the beaches and Disney,” she smiled.

Working along with Dr. Johnston in The Villages office, and in the Leesburg location is Beverly Connolly, physician assistant for the past 20 years, and a resident of The Village of Ashland.

“I’ve been working with Dr. MacInnis for the past two and a half years,” she smiled. “The office atmosphere is relaxed, and just the nicest place to work.”

“We take extremely good care of our staff, and they, in turn, pass it on to our patients,” said Nichole Holoman, “No one wants to be with employees that are unhappy at their job.”

The newest office in The Villages has three patient rooms, two surgical suites, and room for expansion in the future.

So, what should you know about your skin?

“Every organ in the body has a job,” said Beverly Connolly. “The skin’s job is to protect our body, layer after layer with a variety of skin cells. Not only does the skin keep bad things out, it holds the rest of our organs in,” she smiled.

“Health always reflects on your skin,” said Dr. Johnston, “Wear your sun screen. Start with SPF 30 or greater.”

The atmosphere is friendly, fun, and not at all what might be expected. Who has a taco truck parked outside cooking fresh food for everyone, along with gourmet cookies for dessert?

Nope. Not your usual kind of professional business office at all.

Much better.

For an appointment, call the main phone number, which serves all three locations is 352-350-5230. Visit MacInnis Dermatology online at