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11:49 pm EDT
Sunday, September 26, 2021

Local, original, and not for the timid

Photo: Anthony Rao

Dylan Mathews & The Flips are making some noise.


Talented, natural, and unpretentious, Dylan Mathews & The Flips maintain integrity with original music they self-label “mutt rock.” They play hard rock and metal with classic underpinnings from the 1970s. Occasionally, a whiff of Southern music or blues catches the ear.

“Just when you expect a certain chord, we go another way,” Dylan says. “It’s intentional. We are original.”

The band of unpretentious Central Florida musicians with families includes: guitarist Dylan Mathews, 45, who lives in Eustis and is from Oklahoma; Brian Kinsey, 45, on lead vocals and guitar, originally from New Jersey and now living in Mount Dora; Bernie Lindsey, 56, on drums and percussion, a fourth generation Floridian who lives in Mount Dora; and bassist Stephen Elder, 53, who lives in Longwood and hails from Ohio.

Dylan & The Flips have released two albums, “Strange Weather” and “The Great Rock Revival.”

Backgrounds in music? Dylan and Brian are self-taught musicians. Bernie started playing drums at age 3, started lessons at 7 and turned professional at 13. Stephen studied music theory, took bass lessons, and learned as he recorded music.

How did the group get together? Brian and Dylan have known each other since middle school. In 2011, Dylan started the band named after him. They found Stephen at his brother-in-law’s music studio when they were looking for a bass player. Dylan met Bernie and asked him to join. 

How do you record? “We are live-in-studio and improvise,” Stephen says. “Our music is not set to a metronome, it’s totally live track. We don’t use an auto tuner for vocals, it’s 100 percent voice, as organic as you can get going into recording…that’s how we get a better feel.”

“Our first album was finished in three days,” Dylan says. “We recorded it completely live; didn’t back it up. Then, we had a lightning strike and lost it all. So, we had to remake everything. But, you know, the second time doing our first album, we improved it and it came out better.”

Future plans? A third album, and our next gigs, Dec. 1 and Jan. 26, 2019, at Shovelhead in Longwood. A record deal would be nice. (Learn more at