Livin’ in the future

It’s 2018 and the only thing that has changed in technology is almost everything!

Did you know during one day in September last year Apple introduced six new gadgets? The following week, Google introduced four new gadgets. Have you noticed how many local churches, businesses, festivals, events, magazines, newspapers, golf courses, and everything else have their own app? You even can report litter violations with the Report Litter app.

New developments are happening daily. Research is ongoing for electronic skin, smart gloves, glucose sweat sensors, wearable stethoscopes, asthma monitoring patches, smart bandages, smart clothing, and electrocardiogram monitoring, according to a recent report from Frost & Sullivan, “Future Wearables in Healthcare: R&D Portfolio Areas and Technology Road Mapping.”


Virtual reality in Lake County

Despite the surge of nostalgia, technology continues to change every day. Mind Immersions is a new company in Clermont where kids and adults can discover virtual reality experiences. According to the website, it’s the first virtual reality entertainment center of its kind. It has a two-player arena and a real-motion virtual reality chair. Scheduled to open this month, it’s at 2410 E. Highway 50.

Photo: Fred Lopez

Great Escape

Another new form of entertainment is Mind Masters, 1457 E. Highway 50 in Clermont. This is an escape-room game that can be set up for adults to play or for family play. Owned by father and son, Don and James Canavan along with Trista Fouts and Manolo Hernandez, Mind Masters has already become known by setting up tents at various city events to introduce the games. The games feature a room a team must escape, a particular item that must be found, or a puzzle to solve.

“We’re not wanting this to be too difficult for people to enjoy,” James says. “We want everyone to solve our room and get the whole story.”

There’s an app for that!

In researching new technology, it soon became clear there are way too many local apps to list here. So, you’re encouraged to search out apps for the community, church, business, parks and recreation department, school, college, fire department, police department, or whatever other venue you might need. Visit the Apple or Android app store today and download the Lake & Sumter Style and Healthy Living online magazine app for your mobile device.

The new college try

Now among the many programs offered by Lake-Sumter State College in Leesburg is an associate degree in industrial management technology, according to a recent press release. The IMT degree is for students completing postsecondary adult vocational programs, and it offers a complementary program of academic coursework to prepare them for leadership opportunities in their career. “Lake County has a long and rich manufacturing heritage,” says Robert Chandler, executive director of Lake County’s Agency for Economic Prosperity. “And the manufacturing sector will most definitely continue to play a critical role in Lake County’s ongoing goal to diversify the local economy.”

World Book never had this

It’s so exciting—now you not only have to worry about remembering the word on the tip of your tongue, you also must remember the emoji. And if you’re not sure which emoji to use, just look it up at Recent surveys indicate millennials are more expressive with thoughts than words. However, it might be wise not to use emojis on a résumé.

Power to the people

Is anything more frightening than knowing you’re stuck somewhere and not going home for a while, but your phone is only 39 percent charged? Not to worry. With PowerCore Charge Tabs, you have instant access to power. No need for an outlet, just plug it in to your iPhone/iPad or Android device or any Micro-USB tab powered device. The PowerCore Charge Tabs are precharged for instant use with up to a four-hour charge. With the biodegradable shell, they’re especially good for long flights or car trips. Buy them in packs with one, three, six, or nine. There is a power switch to increase their 18-month shelf life and they have 1,200 mAh.

Technology and aging

Researchers in technology are looking to help seniors by monitoring the person and the place, according to a recent study by Aging and Technology. Knowing most older adults wish to continue living at home, the goal is to let them remain active, self-sufficient, and aware with the aid of technology.

Here are 10 future trends predicted to help an aging population:

  1. Talking street signs
  2. Cars that drive themselves
  3. Doctors on Skype
  4. Remote patient monitoring
  5. Online medical records
  6. Caregiver robots
  7. LED lights on everything
  8. Smart homes that age with owners
  9. Sensors on almost everything
  10. More apps to track a wide range of body functions/needs