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8:44 pm EST
Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Little sunny news: Mount Dora Public Works crew rescues baby ducklings

Mark DeCosta, one of the crew members of Mount Dora Public Works, is shown in a storm drain rescuing trapped baby ducklings. // Provided photo.

Lisa McDonald, public information officer for the city of Mount Dora, provided some cute news and a photo for Style readers to enjoy: The Mount Dora Public Works crew rescuing baby ducklings from a storm drain.

Lisa says the crew was called out to the Country Club of Mount Dora on May 5 after residents saw a mother duck in distress around a storm drain.

“Our crew arrived and found seven ducklings in a storm drain, trapped,” Lisa says in a news release. “The mother duck was circling the drain and making noise.  One of the crew members, Mark DeCosta, went into the storm drain and happily retrieve all the babies.  They were in good health and left quietly with mama duck.”