Limited Wi-Fi Available in Clermont

Victory Pointe at sunrise.

The city of Clermont is offering free public Wi-Fi in limited locations in the popular Waterfront District. No password is required!

The free Wi-Fi can be accsessed from Champions Splash Park, Waterfront Park, the Clermont Boathouse, Boat Ramp, the Highlander Pavilion and the northern part of Victory Pointe.

“The city of Clermont’s award-winning Master Plan continues to move Clermont forward,” City Manager Darren Gray said. “Offering free Wi-Fi in the Downtown-Waterfront area and along the trail will enhance our residents’ and visitors’ experiences while giving event organizers yet another reason to choose Clermont as their preferred location.”

Log-in page for Wi-Fi in Clermont.

Free public Wi-Fi is expected to be available in the entire downtown area of Clermont by the end of 2020. That will include 2.5 miles of South Lake Trail along Lake Minneola, Clermont’s Business District from Osceola Street in the north to Desoto Street in the south, and Lake Avenue in the east to West Avenue in the west.

“Public Wi-Fi is a Smart City tool that many cities across the country are implementing to leverage economic and social benefits,” City of Clermont Economic Development Director Shannon Schmidt said. “It can empower residents and visitors in finding city services, way-finding, learning more about community events and safety. It encourages more people to come downtown and encourages the location of new restaurants, offices and shops.”

A benefit for the city is collecting users’ zip codes and learning where visitors to the downtown area are from. Schmidt goes on to say this data can also be an important tool for business owners in Clermont.