Lake Minneola High School Choir Students Hit High Note

Ten choir students from Lake Minneola High School have advanced to Round Two of the All-State Concerts Competition coming Oct. 20 at Millennium Middle School.

Sponsored by the Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA) the competition could lead to performing at the 75th Anniversary of the Florida Music Educator’s Professional Development Conference at the Tampa Convention Center in January 2019.

The ten students selected in Round One (of two) had to pass a rigorous musicianship test on music theory, which assessed ability to identify chords and intervals, detect errors in music, and show understanding of music terminology and symbols.

The second round judges vocal quality, range, ability to read music, and correct musical performance preparation of their All-State music materials.

“After that, we’ll be notified regarding who qualifies for the All-State competition which will be held in January,” says Ian Tapson, first-year choir director at Lake Minneola High School.

The K-12 competition for the 2019 FMEA Professional Development Conference and All-State Concerts will be held January 9-12 at the Tampa Convention Center.

“These students are competing individually. There are several divisions including choir, band, orchestra, and performance. Then there are further divisions into men, women, concert, and more,” Ian says. “Students making it completely through the competition will perform before the Florida Music Educators Association in January at the conference in Tampa.”

Lake Minneola High School’s choral program has 164 students enrolled.

“Even the performance is competitive as the selected students will have to prepare several pieces and will be told last minute which piece the committee wants to hear,” Ian says. “I am very impressed not only with the musical ability of these students, but also their leadership and dedication.”

More than 10,000 people are expected to attend, including secondary music directors, elementary music teachers, music supervisors, college students, college music teachers, school administrators, K-12 students from 22 All-State ensembles.