Lake Fire Rescue adds paramedics, upgrades services at two stations

Lake County Fire Rescue this week upgraded its level of service at two fire stations from basic life support (BLS) to advanced life support (ALS).

The county added highly skilled paramedics at Station 52 in Lady Lake—the county’s busiest firehouse—and Station 54 in Harbor Hills. At those two stations combined in 2016, Lake County firefighters responded to nearly 3,000 calls, with a majority being medical calls, a news release states. Both stations serve large retirement populations just outside and within The Villages, as well as in the Harbor Hills and Water Oak communities.

“All Lake County Fire Rescue units are staffed by experienced EMTs or paramedics who respond to medical calls, car accidents, fires, and other life-threatening emergencies every day,” Lake County Public Safety Director John Molenda says in the release. “With 20 of our 25 fire stations now providing advanced life support, we are saving lives by offering enhanced medical care and furthering our mission of offering the highest possible level of service countywide.”

ALS is a more sophisticated pre-hospital care involving the use of intravenous fluids, medications, and intubation administered by trained paramedics, while BLS is used to maintain vital functions until the patient has been transported to a hospital, the release states.

Lake County Fire Rescue covers an area of about 1,200 square miles with nearly 70,000 residences and up to 2,000 commercial properties. Follow fire rescue at or