Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
5:17 pm EDT
Thursday, August 13, 2020

Lake County unveils new ‘small-town charm’ logo


Real logo. Real new.

Lake County commissioners unanimously approved the adoption of a new county logo during Tuesday’s board meeting. The logo was created by the county’s communications team at no additional expense and features a picturesque sunset, a blue heron, the words “Lake County, FL” and the county’s motto, “Real Florida. Real Close.”

The imagery of the new logo seeks to invoke the warm and inviting feelings that encompass Lake County’s small-town charm, quality of life, and customer service, a news release states. The logo will be phased in to the county’s uniforms, street signs, vehicles, website, stationery, and gateway signs to minimize costs.

“This logo would serve as more than just a graphic representation designed for fast recognition,” Communications Director Elisha Pappacoda says in the release. “It is an important part of our branding efforts, representing the public image we wish to present to our citizens and visitors.”


Additionally, the new logo will be introduced on the county’s new gateway signs, designed in-house as an impactful marketing tool to elevate the county’s image. The signs will be competitively procured and funded by the Tourist Development Tax, which is paid for by overnight hotel guests.

“They look incredible,” Commission Chairwoman Leslie Campione says in the release. “I think they really set a nice tone for our county. They are stunning and have a great down-to-earth feel, too.”