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8:15 pm EDT
Friday, September 18, 2020

Lake County Schools to answer back to school questions via Facebook Live

On Friday, Lake County Schools announced that Superintendent Diane Kornegay and Assistant Superintendent Emily Weiskopf will answer questions on Facebook Live early next week about the reopening of Lake County Schools.

Classes in Lake County are scheduled to resume on Aug. 24.

According to a news release, parents are invited to send questions in advance by 5pm Sunday, July 26, using the form that officials say will be emailed to them Friday afternoon.

If for some reason, the form is not received however, a link to it has also been posted on Facebook, Twitter and on the district website at

Answers to the submitted questions will be shared on Monday, July 27, though Facebook Live at

Questions related to middle and high school will be answered from 12pm to 1pm. Questions related to elementary schools will be answered from 2pm to 3pm.

Additionally, any questions not answered during the allotted time will be addressed in an FAQ document that will be posted on the district website.

Lake County Schools is offering parents four instructional options for the new school year:

  • Traditional — Traditional face to face, in-school learning aligned to state standards and Lake County Curriculum Blueprints. All courses currently offered at each school are available.
  • Lake County Virtual School — Flexible daily virtual learning schedule with teachers available throughout the day including evening hours. Includes 2-3 teacher live lessons weekly. Electives are available.  Students have the option to return to traditional,  in-school learning after each 9-week grading period.
  • Modified Day — Traditional in-school learning for English Language Arts and Math, with other courses taken virtually through Lake County Virtual School. This flexible schedule allows students, when possible, to participate in electives at their home school. The option to return to traditional, in-school learning after each 9-week grading period will be available.
  • Lake Live — Structured virtual learning that mirrors the traditional daily school schedule.  Students stay enrolled in their home school and are taught by teachers from their enrolled school when possible based upon enrollment and teacher availability.  Elementary schedules will include P.E. Middle and high school elective courses and those attached to specialized programs will be available when possible. The option to return to traditional, in-school learning after each 9-week grading period will be available.

Parents are asked to choose an option by Wednesday, July 29, using an Enrollment Intent Form found at