Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
12:14 pm EST
Saturday, January 16, 2021

Knowledge is power!

One of the wonders of living with small children is how quickly and how much they learn. It’s always exciting to learn something new. At Style magazine, we feel you never outgrow the need to learn, and we’re pretty sure you have a list hidden somewhere with all the things you want to do written on it. 

This month, the staff has done the searching for you so you can learn how to do most anything: watercolor painting, flying, dancing, writing, sailing, boxing, and a host of other interesting activities or hobbies. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can learn to do today. Make that call! Set up a lesson, join a class, find a group of like-minded people. The only one holding you back is you.

We picked some special activities in Village Style magazine, too. With more than 2,000 clubs and organizations in The Villages, there’s sure to be something to spark your interest, from amateur radio to vintage cars to comic book collecting. You can also sign up for classes at The Enrichment Academy.

Join us In the Kitchen as people from Lake and Sumter counties share recipes they cook only at Christmas. What makes them so special is that these mouth-watering treats are enjoyed only once a year. 

This time of year is always special for families as they gather from near and far and enjoy the annual celebrations. We hope you’re able to be with friends and family who warm your heart and help you find the love that makes the new year start on the right note! As with learning, look at everything through a child’s eyes, and you’ll find it sparkles with joy.

Until next month, 

Kendra Akers