Kids enjoy field trip to Veterans Memorial Park

A field trip to Veterans Memorial Park in Leesburg became a fun and educational way for Lake Montessori School students to learn about local heroes—the men and women who have served in the U.S. military defending our country’s freedom.

They saw more than 9,000 names of local veterans inscribed on the monument walls, along with the new Vietnam War memorial in front of the Huey helicopter that stands high in the air—the aircraft that became a familiar symbol for transporting the wounded to hospitals, used for delivering needed supplies, and for lifting U.S. forces in and out of combat.

“I loved learning what their lives were about and I was happy about this field trip because I wanted to know more,” says Andrea Wilkinson, 10, who noted her parents served in the military. “And when I grow up, I want to be a veteran.”

Veteran Don Van Beck, who spearheaded Veterans Memorial Park, says a World War II memorial will be added and dedicated on Nov. 11. He noted 1,500 World War II veterans die daily.

“This is for the kids and grandchildren,” he says of park. “In the schools today, they don’t know much about the wars. I would like to see all schoolchildren come down for us to do a program.”

School groups may call him at 343-1529.