‘Kicking’ Up Controversy in the NFL Draft


Roberto Aguayo is known as the NCAA’s most accurate kicker. So while there has been some considerable buzz about the athlete being picked in the second round in the NFL draft, admittedly an oddity for business as usual, it really isn’t too much of a surprise!

Or at least it shouldn’t be.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers picked Aguayo No. 59 overall Friday, April 29. The team’s managers admit that they did some strategizing to get the kicker with a .9673 conversion rate, trading up picks with Kansas City to make it a surety. A common practice for securing players in other positions, though somehow, abnormal for kickers.

But Aguayo isn’t the ordinary kicker. In his college career with the Florida State Seminoles, he never missed a PAT and made 69 of 78 field goals from 2013 to 2015. His raw talent has been apparent, even before winning the Lou Groza Award as a freshman.

Aguayo showed promise as an Eagle here in Lake County at South Lake High School, from where he was recruited. He also received offers from schools like University of Florida, LSU, and Georgia – who all have strong programs.

There’s always been a sign of bigger things for our guy Aguayo. He entered his college career as shining star and has kept the momentum better than most. In fact better than anyone, after all, he ends his time at FSU as the most accurate kicker in history!

History is a mighty long time.

The Bucs are simply making a smart investment. While the kicker may not be thought of as the most consistently important position, it is a vital position. And when you’re building a team, can you really afford to have a weak spot? You want the best.

Roberto Aguayo is the best – in technique and character – and Lake County couldn’t be more proud to claim him. Congratulations Berto, take it one great kick at a time!

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