Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
5:10 pm EDT
Tuesday, June 28, 2022

KAT’s Grill is a family affair

Tom Wagenhauser’s family made the move to Lake County from Indianapolis, and recently purchased the former Sinbad’s Bar & Grill on U.S. Highway 441 on Lake Eustis in Tavares.

“I love food and I love beer,” Tom says of the inspiration to buy the eatery. “I always wanted to own a little restaurant, and this has a gorgeous view.”

KAT’s Grill is named after his family: K for wife Kristin; A for daughter Alexis; and T for Tom.

Wings and other food items from before are on the menu, along with some new additions.

“We’ll have carryout pizza, so people can come up on their boats to order pizza, and we will bring it right out to you,” Tom says. “And we will be introducing one of my specialties, which is a PB and J Burger with peanut butter and jalapeño. It has peanut butter as the base, the burger, jalapeño, chili, cheese, and bacon. It’s weird but it’s awesome! Everybody who tries it loves it.”