Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
1:27 pm EST
Sunday, January 17, 2021

Kathryn Deen | 31

Occupation: Communications director for the City of Clermont.

Family: Husband Andy and cats Kit Kat and Pumpkin.

Guilty pleasures: Dark chocolate, bubble baths, cappuccinos, massages, and fine dining.

Philosophy of life: “Every day is a gift.”

Words of wisdom: Be kind. You never know what people are going through. Also, we are all children of God.

Greatest career accomplishments: Being entrusted with leadership and management positions at a young age: I was promoted to associate managing editor of a news team and managing editor of two magazines; I launched my own digital magazine, and I was hired on as the youngest director in the City of Clermont – all in my 20s. I followed in my dad’s leadership footsteps in a way: He was the youngest to receive his firefighting promotions and rose to captain.

Hobbies: My husband and I love sailing, traveling, and cruising. I treasure time with family, and especially playtime with my nephew, Angelo. I’ve always enjoyed writing, photography, and arts and crafts. My mom introduced me to yoga about 15 years ago and I became a certified instructor. I like to bake, and my signature dessert is spicy dark chocolate brownies. You’ll always find a book or two in progress on my nightstand. I go through phases with running, and Andy and I completed the Lake Minneola Half Marathon together.

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