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3:50 pm EST
Monday, January 24, 2022

JOE CICERI, OWNER – Electrical Works

Blackouts are nothing new for Florida residents, but Hurricane Irma hammered home the importance of electrical power. The September storm battered the state, disrupting power for more than 6 million customers—more than 35 percent of power customers—and leaving families hopeless as temperatures climbed.

While big-box stores sold out portable gasoline-powered generators before and after Irma, manufacturers Generac, Briggs & Stratton, and Kohler announced they would ramp up production of standby generators, which can energize a home nonstop for days.

Joe Ciceri, owner of Electrical Works in Leesburg, explains the operations and benefits of whole home generators.


How do whole home generators work?

1. Utility power is lost

Perhaps it’s a storm. Maybe it’s equipment failure. In any case, the electricity you depend on is suddenly gone and you’re stuck in the dark.


2. Your generator senses a problem

Within seconds, your generator prepares to restore your home’s power. An automatic transfer switch disconnects you from your utility after detecting the interruption in service.


3. The generator turns on automatically—whether you’re home or away

Once your home is safely off the grid, the switch starts up the generator before transferring its power to the home’s electrical panel. Within seconds, it’s up to speed and generating electricity.

4. Your electricity is restored

The automatic transfer switch sends generator power to your home. And it will continue until utility power returns. At the heart of the system is an internal combustion engine, which is usually fueled by the local natural gas supply. Where natural gas isn’t available, liquid propane or diesel stored in a tank nearby can be used.

What about maintenance?

Like any engine-powered machine, generators require regular maintenance. Whole home generators keep themselves in shape throughout the year with weekly low-speed exercise cycles. Electrical Works can work with you to ensure that your generator is operating at peak performance so when the power goes out, your generator will be ready to bring you back into the light.


What is Mobile Link?

Many manufacturers support Mobile Link, which enables owners to view their generator’s status and maintenance needs, set the exercise schedule, review its running and maintenance history, and receive notifications to indicate status changes. They even can send notifications to Electrical Works. This makes maintenance easier, since dealers can spot issues in advance and ensure the generator is operating smoothly.