Jim Jordan, Owner

Photo: Fred Lopez

During 30 years in the industry, Jim Jordan has turned around several struggling restaurants on waterfronts. So when he had the opportunity to open a lakefront restaurant with an unlucky history, he dived in.

Now he’s living his dream with Fish Camp on Lake Eustis.

“Business has been excellent, far better than we expected,” Jim says.

Success has been built by bringing local products—meats, produce, craft beers, liquors, wines—to the table in one experience. The menu features Southern comfort foods and seafood, served with a healthy helping of hospitality.

“It’s the best experience that Lake County, Sumter County, and Central Florida have to offer,” says Jim, who also supports local charities.

Customers now revel in the Fish Camp location.

“It’s really a great spot,” Jim says. “We have the view, the traffic, the parking, and now we have the food.”


Fish Camp on Lake Eustis

901 Lake Shore Blvd., Tavares // 352.742.4400 // fishcamponlakeeustis.com