Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
3:57 am EST
Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Jenkins Auto Group donates vehicle for LSSC campus security

 Jenkins Hyundai and Jenkins Auto Group has donated a Hyundai Santa Fe to the LSSC Foundation for use on Lake-Sumter State College’s campuses.

Jay Hurley, corporate manager at Jenkins Hyundai of Leesburg recalls in conversing with Dr. Laura Byrd, LSSC associate VP of institutional advancement and executive director of the LSSC Foundation, he learned there was a need for a vehicle for campus security.

“They didn’t have one and were working to put funds together,” Hurley says in a press release. “We felt this was a great opportunity to help and contribute into that need.”

College officials say the new vehicle enhances the college’s safety presence, assists with campus patrols, and supports their response to emergencies on campus Signcrafters of Florida donated the wrap.

“This vehicle gives us that visual deterrent for criminals,” says Wes Miller of Miller & Miller Investigative & Security Services, who provides security services for Lake-Sumter State College. “In my opinion,” he adds in the release, “we have the safest campuses in Central Florida. We pride ourselves on making sure that we don’t have any incidents and we proactively take care of anything that occurs.”

The vehicle will primarily be used for security patrols and services on the Leesburg campus, but will also support special events and services at the South Lake and Sumter locations.

“In addition to improving security services on our campus, this vehicle exemplifies the partnerships we have with the Lake and Sumter communities, says Dr. Stan Sidor, president of Lake-Sumter State College. “TThese partnerships are crucial both in terms of what they can do for our students but also how closely we’re connected to our communities.”

Tom Formanek, president and CEO of Jenkins Auto Group, says the dealership supports education. “We truly believe that education is the best way to protect our future for our immediate community,” he says in the release. “In recent times, there have been some really ugly events that have happened and we want to do our part to make sure that the students are safe. This is just one way we can support that.”

Hurley concluded in the release that students should be able to go to school and feel safe. “I don’t think there is any place more important place for them to feel safe than at home and at school.”

Video interviews and vehicle showcase: