James Comb’s THE HIT LIST: September 2015

James Combs' THE HIT LIST

1// A 22-year-old Leesburg man won $1 million on a scratch-off lottery ticket. Hopefully the state won’t be cheap and agree to pay him $1 for the next million years.

2// A young man in Maine launched a firework off the top of his head and fatally injured himself. While this is certainly a tragic story, there’s no denying that he went out with a bang.

3// In Missouri, a 60-pound carp was found lying in a roadside ditch that connects to a lake. Let’s hope the person who spotted the fish won’t try to convince friends that he caught it using a rod and reel.  Talk about something smelling fishy.

4// A Pennsylvania man was charged with trespassing, public drunkenness, and incident exposure after being caught drinking beer in a hog barn among pigs. You don’t reckon the little oinkers “squealed” on him, do you?

5// A Florida man entered a retail store, stuck a golf club down his pants, and fled the scene. Police arrested him later that day. No doubt, this troubled young man is on “par” to lead a troubled life.

6// All emergency shelters in Lake County are pet-friendly. This was a doggone good idea by county officials and a purr-fect solution for pet owners.


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