James Comb’s THE HIT LIST: November 2015

James Combs' THE HIT LIST

1 // An Alabama woman was arrested after trying to break INTO a jail that released her a month earlier. It sounds crazy on the surface, but where else can you enjoy free room and board, free medical treatment, free air conditioning, and free food?

2 // A Connecticut man was charged with public indecency after neighbors saw him performing a sex act outside with shrubbery. Doesn’t this guy know it’s illegal to beat around the bush?

3 // A Budweiser tractor-trailer overturned on Interstate 75 in Florida and committed the ultimate sin—spilled beer. Needless to say, it was a not-so-happy-hour for the driver.

4 // A passenger exited a vehicle while stopped at a red light on U.S. Hwy. 27 to urinate. When a police car approached, the driver sped away and left the passenger to fend for himself. Naturally, the passenger was “peed off” at his buddy.

5 // A Kentucky man dug up the body of his long-dead father so his dad “could go to heaven.” That’s against the law, and there’s little doubt this misguided man will face “grave” consequences.

6 // An Astatula man was arrested after stealing a tractor and tiller that belonged to Lake County Schools. This sad act will undoubtedly leave him with a tough row to hoe.


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