James Combs’ The Hit List – July 2015

1 // For one day only, Burger King sold a new perfume called “Flame Grilled.” The scent is a mixture of grilled beef mixed with mayonnaise, lettuce, onions and tomatoes. Why does the popular fast-food chain assume people need to smell better? Did someone walk into Burger King and let a whopper?

2 // A dog accidentally got his paw stuck in a treadmill inside a New Jersey home. Fortunately, the machine was not on. Don’t be too quick to judge the canine. At least he wasn’t chasing parked cars.

3 // An Arkansas judge was hospitalized after being attacked by his family’s pet zebra. The jury is still out whether the animal has anger management issues, but there’s little doubt the zebra will lay down the law.

4 // An 18-year-old Eustis convicted felon illegally possessing a firearm attempted to elude police on foot. He may have successfully escaped had he not stopped in an alley to relieve himself. Talk about looking out for “Number One.” Thankfully, there’s no video of his arrest to download on “M PEE 3.”

5 // The Coast-to-Coast Connector is a 275-mile biking and hiking trail that spans from Cape Petersburg. Part of the trail goes through South Lake County. Anyone attempting to ride the entire trail in one day could accurately be described as a “cycle-path.”


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