James Comb’s THE HIT LIST: December 2015

James Combs' THE HIT LIST

1 // A man from south Florida threatened to sue if Lake County commissioners refused to allow him to give a satanic invocation during a recent commission meeting. If commissioners fail to give the devil his due, there may be hell to pay.

2 // During October, the spook-tacular creativity of Lake County residents
was on display with handmade scarecrows that lined the streets of downtown Leesburg. A little girl offered to give one of the scarecrows a half-eaten sandwich, failing to realize the scarecrow was already stuffed.

3 // Are you aware
that people actually call their local police department whenever Facebook crashes? Get a life. Being popular on Facebook is akin to going to a chess tournament and sitting at the cool people’s table. It means nothing!

4 // Three men grabbed
display cell phones from an AT&T store in Eustis and bowled over the manager as they tried to leave. Hopefully being charged with retail theft of cell phones will provide these misguided men with the ultimate wake-up call.

5 // A Lake County woman recently won
$5 million in a lottery scratch-off game. Next time you get an itch, remember the best place to scratch!

6 // Opponents of Florida’s black bear hunt
recently searched wooded areas of Sorrento looking for orphaned cubs. Animal activists referred to the hunt as un-bear-able tragedy, adding some people are grossly misinterpreting the constitution’s right to “bear” arms.


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