James Combs’ The Hit List, August 2016


1 // A 37-year-old Astor man who violated probation made a big mistake by refusing to surrender to Lake County sheriff’s deputies. That prompted them to release a K-9, who successfully subdued the suspect. Talk about taking a bite out of crime!

2 // An Okahumpka man supposedly shopping at a Leesburg Publix was caught on videotape stuffing four bottles of champagne down his pants. Police promptly arrived at the scene and instantly popped his cork. We all like to enjoy a little fizzle in our “downstairs compartment” from time to time, but this is beyond ridiculous.

3 // Lake County Fire Rescue took five Alabama students to the hospital because the air conditioning broke on the charter bus they were traveling in. These buses require proper maintenance and inspection at all times. Simply put, it’s not very cool when children become overheated.

4 // Groveland Police Chief Melvin Tennyson issued himself a $45 parking ticket after a Facebook post circulated with photos of his black SUV parked on the sidewalk outside of City Hall. Kudos to the police chief for being honest and setting a good example. Best of all, he didn’t have to call for backup.

5 // A woman in The Villages was arrested and held on a $10,000 bond after she was found naked in the street wearing nothing but a pair of black boots. Police urge anyone who is outside after dark to carry pepper spray so they can fend off these random bare attacks.

6 // Police were able to arrest a man who stole $100 from a Christian Home and Bible thrift store cash register thanks to a surveillance camera that captured the tattooed letters “APK” on the back of his left arm. Moral of the story: Behind every successful thief is a man who avoids tattoo parlors.

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