Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
2:11 am EDT
Sun, July 12, 2020

James Combs’ HIT LIST

adobestock_98366522After a dog named Buddy was euthanized, members of Responsible Dog Owners of The Villages appeared at a Sumter County Commission meeting to express concern about the county’s handling of lost and abandoned animals. Perhaps this will spark a new movement called “Dog Lives Matter.”

One man and two women were arrested after having sex in their car with the windows rolled down while parked at a grocery store in Eustis. I think the man misunderstood the grocery store’s sign: “Buy one get one free.”

A neurologist who practices in Summerfield was charged with battery after a domestic violence incident at his home. I can only assume the person he attacked must have gotten on his…well…nerves.

An Umatilla woman was arrested after hitting her fiancée in the head with a lamp because he refused to have sex with her. The lamp broke, meaning there were now two things in the bedroom she couldn’t turn on.

An air conditioning contractor working without a contractor’s license stole thousands of dollars from a couple of Villagers after charging them and never doing the work. That’s not very cool.

After being invited to a man’s home to watch a NASCAR race, a Lady Lake tree trimmer got into a physical altercation with his host and was arrested for disorderly intoxication. Fighting over a NASCAR race? A psychiatrist is highly wreck-a-mended.