James Combs’ HIT LIST, October 2016

1 // Angry because his mother refused to pick him up at a local hospital, a 36-year-old Umatilla man fought with police and ended up in the Lake County Jail. Now, he’ll be able to call his mother from his “cell.”

2 // A 30-year-old Lake County postal worker was charged with possession of child pornography after Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents raided his home. Because of his bad decision, he’ll be the one experiencing “special deliveries” in prison.

3 // While arguing how to shut off a car alarm in a Tavares parking garage, a Clermont couple drew the attention of police and landed in jail after a significant amount of marijuana was found in their vehicle. The lesson learned here? When you’re out in public, try not to stir the pot.

4 // Although Doc is a dog with only three working legs, a Lake County woman is teaching him to be a therapy dog so he can inspire special-needs kids and disabled veterans. That is paws-itively awesome!

5 // An undercover prostitution operation in Polk County landed 128 suspects in jail—three of which are Lake County residents. Prostitution is a whore-able occupation.

6 //  Lake County middle school students showed remarkable improvement on state assessments in mathematics. In fact, they improved nine percentage points in Algebra I and eight points in Algebra II. All the studying and hard work is starting to add up!