James Combs’ Hit List, November 2016


1 // For the second time in a year, Sumter County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a 77-year-old resident of The Villages for marijuana possession. Talk about a pothead. I bet his marijuana pipe gets washed more than his dishes!

 2 // A 22-year-old Lady Lake man was arrested after fighting with his grandmother over a phone charger. It’s time to dial up a lengthy jail sentence for this little phone-y.

 3 // A 25-year-old hostess at a country club in The Villages was arrested after slapping and shoving her stepfather. Apparently, the restaurant industry has taught her little about hospitality.

 4 // A serial flasher from Leesburg was arrested after being nude and committing a sex act on himself near a public venue. While some argue for stricter laws against public masturbation, others feel offenders would ignore such laws and simply take matters into their own hands.

 5 // A correctional officer at the Sumter Correctional Institution in Bushnell was arrested after beating a young inmate who refused to perform a prison exercise. Correctional officers are supposed to display integrity and professionalism. From a professional standpoint, this officer lowered the bar—and now finds himself on the other side of the bars.

 6 // A 69-year-old Villages resident became intoxicated and fired a semi-automatic handgun into the home of a neighbor. The neighbor was a younger woman whom he developed a crush on and apparently became infatuated with. Dude, women like candlelight dinners and roses. Trying to romance her with a hail of bullets is a complete and utter misfire.