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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

James Combs’ HIT LIST, March 2016

James Combs' THE HIT LIST

1 // Meteorologists are predicting a strong El Nino pattern in 2016. That’s why agencies throughout Central Florida—including Lake County—recently participated in a tornado drill. Personally, I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my Ford Mustang from a tornado. That’s the one time I don’t want it going for a spin.

2 // The Clermont Police Department is seeking two men who robbed a Circle K convenience store. Here’s the kicker: One was wearing a red devil mask. After being pistol-whipped by the Satanic wannabe, the store clerk told him there’s “going to be hell to pay.”

3 // The Clermont Police Department is also investigating several cases of inappropriate and unwanted touching by a male employee at a massage business. Considering that numerous complaints have been filed, it’s safe to say he rubbed clients the wrong way.

4 // The North Lake Tea Party endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz as the preferred Republican nominee. Apparently, the group wasn’t too keen on Trump’s idea of shutting down Planned Parenthood and turning it into a casino.

5 // According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, a person was shot in the parking lot of McDonald’s near Four Corners. The best way to combat anger management issues when you’re at McDonald’s is to order a Happy Meal.

6 // A 75-year-old Clermont woman used a handgun to threaten neighbors who were shooting off fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Ironically, she was arrested for aggravated assault after firing her gun into the air. Moral of the story: When you set off fireworks, you might set off crazy people, as well.


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