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Fri, July 10, 2020

James Combs’ THE HIT LIST, January 2015

hit-list21 //    Notorious 80-year-old-killer Charles Manson is marrying a 26-year-old woman. The motto of their wedding is “Crazy in Love.”

2 //    Speaking of crazy, this month marks the 26th anniversary of Ted Bundy’s death. Apparently, Bundy’s death in the electric chair left family members and friends feeling shocked.

3 //    A hospital in China gives shock treatment so men can experience childbirth. They could play a cruel joke. When men are screaming in pain and agony, the operator of the machine could say, “We’re just getting started. Now, let’s pretend you’re having twins!”

4 //    A 15-pound dachshund miraculously survived a black bear attack outside of Eustis. We’re happy the little fellow was given a new leash on life.

5 //    After opening fire in a Leesburg apartment complex and injuring a 12-year-old boy, a suspect sent a Facebook friend request to the boy’s aunt the next day. The aunt recognized his photograph, which helped lead to his arrest. The lesson learned: Behind each successful criminal is a deactivated Facebook account.

6 //    The League of American Bicyclists designated South Lake County as a “Bicycle-Friendly Community.” As cyclist-versus-motorist rage increases, let’s hope they both find the road to peace.


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