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Sunday, September 26, 2021

James Combs’ HIT LIST, February 2016

James Combs' THE HIT LIST

1 // Deputies with the Tavares Police Department are now using golf carts to get around downtown. Will this new mode of transportation become par for the course?

2 // A Leesburg man claiming to be a pastor swindled an 89-year-old man out of $25,000. Should we call him an impostor or impastor?

3 // A major drug bust in Lake County involving crystal meth recently landed 117 people in jail. Perhaps the Food Channel can feature them on a reality show titled “Baking Bad.”

4 // A Lake Correctional Institute prisoner was caught with synthetic marijuana he reportedly obtained during visitation hours. We can only conclude that committing a crime in prison requires a “joint” effort.

5 // Lake County Sheriff’s deputies recently charged a Groveland woman with disorderly intoxication. Here’s the kicker: She was not wearing any pants at the time of her arrest. Apparently, someone tried to pickpocket her that same evening but missed by a hair.

6 // A bomb threat at Walmart in Mount Dora forced the evacuation of hundreds of shoppers. Why do people continue to try to turn Walmarts into Targets?


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