James Combs’ THE HIT LIST, December 2014

1 //    Republicans seize the Senate during the midterm elections and have full control of Congress. The “red wave” leaves Democrats feeling blue.

2 //    Lake County parents picket outside elementary schools demanding their children receive 30 minutes of play time each day. Now education must focus on the four R’s: Readin’, Ritin’, Rithmetic … and Recess.

3 //    An inmate recently assaulted a staff member inside the kitchen of Coleman Federal Correctional Complex. Perhaps the angry inmate lashed out because he’s serving a life sentence for something he didn’t do … like wiping his fingerprints off the knife!

4 //    Two church pastors and a 90-year-old man were charged with feeding homeless people in Fort Lauderdale. If Casey Anthony went around feeding homeless babies, she’d be in jail. Go figure.

5 //    At 18, Saira Blair of West Virginia became the youngest elected state lawmaker in U.S. history. Let’s hope the college freshman realizes politics is not child’s play.

6 //    A northern California girl found a surprise in her bag of Halloween candy: crystal meth. She was bound to get a sugar high, but this is ridiculous.

7 //    A Lake County student recently became his high school’s first male homecoming queen candidate. Some parents voiced concerns, while fellow students who admired his bravery treated him as royalty.


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