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8:48 pm EDT
Sat, July 11, 2020

It May Be Off Broadway, But Not Far

The cast of “It Shoulda Been You” at The Studio Theatre.

I recently was in an intimate theater watching a wonderful off-Broadway production in New York City. Wait a minute…Actually, I was sitting in a great seat at The Studio Theatre at Tierra Del Sol in The Villages watching the fantastic musical, “It Shoulda Been You.”

With its steller cast and dynamic music, the play is one you really don’t want to miss. Not only is it clever and funny, it has more twists than Agatha Christie making lemonade.

Georgette Howard (portrayed by Karel K. Wright) and Judy Steinberg (played B.T. Bauer), mother of the groom and bride.

Think about this: a Jewish girl marrying a Catholic boy except for the interference of their mothers, their fathers, and the bride’s former boyfriend. The family dynamics alone are enough to make you bust a button laughing!

The story centers around Jenny Steinberg, played perfectly by the lovely Chantelle Cognevich. Always the dutiful older sister, she has handled all the details her drill-sergeant mother (brought to life by B.T. Bauer with great audacity) has given her. On the groom’s side, his mother is bereft at having another woman in her son’s life. She (portrayed exceptionally by Karel K. Wright) is his only girl. Throw in an unplanned pre-nuptial agreement, a drunken aunt, and a co-maid of honor looking for love, and you’ve got a typical wedding day–or not!

It’s difficult to mention everyone, but this is truly a great cast. Each actor is perfectly in tune with his or her character. Their singing was wonderful, the musicians, under the direction of Gary Powell, were incredible, and the tap dancing was sublime.

If it sounds like I’m raving, that’s because I am. Though the play might be considered long, you’ll want to stay in your seat and hear more when it ends.

Here’s bit of trivia that might interest you. The original production on Broadway was directed by the impeccable David Hyde Pierce.

Led by Producer Jason Goedken and Artistic Director Whitney Morse, The Studio Theatre has become a place of pure entertainment. Whether it’s comedy, drama, or this delightful musical, you know you’ll enjoy it when you take your seat and the lights go down.