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Friday, December 3, 2021

IN THE VILLAGES: Where Shopping is Always a Pleasure


Administrative Professionals Day is April 27. It was once called Secretary’s Day. When I saw this online, it caused me to pause and think about all of the people, both administrative and other support personnel, that we as Villagers interact with every day, people we sometimes take for granted. I’m not sure if the cashiers at Colony Plaza’s Publix on County Road 466A would fall into that category but I’m including them and here’s why:

On average I probably go to this particular Publix twice a week. It seems every time I get home from shopping there, I remember something I forgot to pick up—and that’s using a list.

As many of you who live south of CR 466 are well aware, this Publix is probably the busiest grocery store in The Villages, and it’s getting busier every day as more homes are built in that area. The only time I’ve gone to that store and didn’t have to hunt for a parking space was once at 8:45 in the evening, 15 minutes before closing.

Considering the hundreds of customers who pass through their checkout counters each day, I frankly don’t know how the overworked cashiers do what they do and still maintain their polite demeanor and helpful attitude. I have never, and I mean never, been treated with disrespect in that store.

I once forgot to pick up a package of romaine lettuce and had to run back to produce and retrieve the culprit while frantically yelling an apology over my shoulder to those waiting in line behind me. Another time I forgot to get out my credit card ahead of time and held up the line for several minutes while searching through my overloaded wallet for the misfiled card. Each time, the cashier was patient and helpful even though people behind me kept looking at their watches and were obviously displeased with my lack of preparation.

Another time I was in a checkout line that had five people not so patiently waiting their turns. You know the signs: tapping their feet, darting their eyes, sighing loudly. Ignoring their displays of impatience, the cashier calmly and compassionately continued helping an elderly senior who had given him way too much cash for her purchases.

Bravo to all the cashiers who work at Colony Plaza. You guys knock it out of the park every time!


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