Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
11:28 pm EST
Wednesday, December 2, 2020

In the Villages: So, what’s to be thankful for?

Villagers strain to find reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Story: Joe Angione

No matter who wins on Election Day—if there is a clear winner then—about half the Villages’ population will be upset. The coronavirus continues to infect Villagers, and even kill some of them. Many restrictions on our activities and entertainment are still in place. Wearing masks remains the inconvenience it always was. Most Villagers are retired, but some have lost badly needed employment income.

Safe distancing is a constant reminder that social interactions are severely limited. For the most part, we feel safer if we remain at home, particularly when we worry anarchist thugs might attempt to visit our streets. 

So, what’s to give thanks for this Thanksgiving Day? A lot. We must believe that no matter who wins the White House, God will protect us from political abuse. Have faith. Corona is still here but thank God you’re still alive and have not been infected. Wearing masks and safe distancing may be a bummer, but we’re still able to venture out to obtain essential goods and services. And we have friends and sometimes family close by— although at twice an arm’s length—to cheer us up. 

We live in Florida’s friendliest hometown. It does everything possible to minimize the stress of dealing with problems brought on by the pandemic, and to cope with worries about society in transition, and its impact on our security and serenity. 

We should also be thankful that our places of worship have reopened, enabling us to continue receiving God’s blessings. In a world where our religious beliefs are under assault, it is extremely heartening to know that here in The Villages, we have the freedom to connect with God as we always have in the past.  

What has gone wrong with America is a strong signal that we must draw closer to God and pray harder. Nearly all that we hear in the news tends to ignore God as a source of protection and comfort.

There is little urging by any level of government to pray for God’s hand in ending the coronavirus and bringing peace to our cities. But, without prayer we’re missing a great opportunity to return our lives to the health and stability we knew only about six months ago. Pray and God will draw closer to us. That’s a fact. Happy Thanksgiving.