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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

In the Villages: Don’t be a turkey

Let your wife revel in some Thanksgiving fun.

OK, men of The Villages. We know you have hearty appetites, as evidenced by the crowds that accumulate at local restaurants. 

You’re rejoicing in the fact that Thanksgiving is only a few days away. Soon, you’ll be feasting on juicy turkey meat, mashed potatoes and gravy, delicious green beans, and homemade noodles. And that pumpkin pie is a perfect way to top off a delicious meal. 

Just picturing your loaded plate makes your mouth water. You can hardly wait. 

Then, those happy thoughts suddenly turn sour. Your wife delivers horrific news. 

“Honey, I’ve invited my three sisters to join us on Thanksgiving. I’ve also asked my niece and her four children to join us. I figured that would be nice since she’s having a hard time dealing with her recent divorce.”

Your blood pressure rises several points. The thought of spending this day with so many family members puts a damper on things. You certainly don’t want the dinner conversation to revolve around your niece’s relationship troubles and then endure her loud children. 

What was going to be a nice, quiet day now seems like a nightmare. You wonder, “How could she invite them without asking me?”

I’ll tell you how. It’s because women love large family gatherings on Thanksgiving. Being able to spend countless hours in the kitchen cooking up a feast provides them with companionship—up close and personal companionship they don’t receive through cell phone conversations and email. They laugh and giggle. They reminisce about the old days or catch up on the latest gossip. They talk about how their grandchildren are doing in Little League baseball and ballet. 

You see, guys, women typically are unable to enjoy such camaraderie in the kitchen. Cooking is something they usually do alone while you’re watching SportsCenter. Therefore, it’s only natural they desire being with their beloved family members on a day where family is paramount. 

Be open-minded when your wife informs you of her guest list. Just like you enjoy fishing with your buddies, she is entitled to a day of fun and fellowship as well. If that means you must put up with annoying family members for a few hours, then so be it. Remember, you can invite your side of the family as well, which will make for a large family feast. 

Here’s the bottom line. There’s no point in arguing with your wife and raining on her parade on this wonderful holiday. If you choose that route, then she’ll be justified when she says, “Stuff it, turkey.” 

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