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Monday, May 23, 2022

In the Villages: Don’t be a lonely heart

Yes, Valentine’s Day can be just as fulfilling for singles.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Historically, it’s a day where two people madly in love exchange heart-shaped chocolates, floral arrangements, and jewelry. 

Unless, of course, you’re single. Residents of The Villages may have experienced the death of a spouse or recently suffered through a divorce. They’d probably prefer sleeping the day away.  Well, that or make gagging noises, roll their eyes, or wallow in their own single status. 

For them, one truly is the loneliest number on this day. 

There’s good news, though. This year, singles can take a different approach to Valentine’s Day. No, that doesn’t mean boozing it up or indulging in a 24-hour movie marathon. 

Instead, they should come to the realization that love is not confined to just a romantic partner. Love extends to family members, friends, and acquaintances. Therefore, singles can include these people in their Valentine’s Day activities and show how much they appreciate their companionship. 

Here are a few ideas to consider. 

  • Make or buy treats and then deliver them to the homes of people you care about. Even if it’s just a small box of chocolates, remember, it’s the thought that counts. Your companion will no doubt appreciate this special delivery and feel blessed you remembered him or her on Valentine’s Day. 
  • Decorate your home with festive Valentine’s Day décor and invite family members and friends to your home. This way, instead of being alone and feeling sad, you’re enjoying camaraderie among the people you care about most. 
  • Invite loved ones to local attractions like a state park, a museum, or winery. Simply getting out of your home and being among friends will help you focus less on what you’ve lost and more on what you have. It will also serve as a reminder that you’re still valued and loved. 
  • If you cannot stand the thought of being around others on Valentine’s Day, then grab a notebook and pen and write down everything you’re thankful for in life. After all, holidays are a good time for introspection, and learning to be thankful is both therapeutic and productive. 

There you have it, senior singles. You’re free to make the most of this holiday how

Riding solo on Valentine’s Day has its perks. 

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