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3:20 pm EST
Monday, January 24, 2022

If it’s fun, it’s done in The Villages!

Story and Photos: Pat Jocelyn

If you have seen the Blue Collar Comedy Tour—popular in the early 2000s and starring Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall and Jeff Foxworthy—you know the majority of their comedy routines were based on some exaggerated form of real-life experiences. They were successful because everyone in the audience could relate to their jokes.

Overbearing mothers-in-law, embarrassing bodily function mishaps, and outrageous stories of “your cheating heart” are just a few of the subjects they covered. It seemed nothing was off-limits to these guys, and the audiences ate it up like buttered popcorn on movie night.

That brings me to The Villages and the folks who call it home. Let’s face it: We would have provided a wealth of material for these guys. The fact is, we’re a 55-plus retirement community whose residents are very willing to laugh at themselves. We would have made the Blue Collar funnymen as happy as ticks on a hound if they had been given the opportunity to transform and incorporate some of our shenanigans into their routines.

Case in point: Villagers love any excuse to dress in crazy costumes during parades and special club events. Some of the costumes can be rather naughty but funnier because of it. I’ve seen bare-chested men dressed in grass skirts and coconut-cup bras dance the hula at Hawaiian Night. At Halloween parties, you’re apt to find a nun dancing with the devil, a policeman dancing with a hooker, or an angel sharing an off-color joke with a biker dude.

At a recent Villages Christmas parade, a mischievous senior was dressed in a modified elf costume. He wore a pair of boxer shorts cut out in the back to prominently display a fake derriere. A female Villager was seen moving in for a closer inspection. That outfit received a lot of laughs and more than a few good-natured wolf whistles from the ladies.

Why there’s even a club called the Village Idiots. They admit to having no specific purpose other than to gather together to make each other laugh and meet new friends. In years past, they’ve been known to go out to breakfast still dressed in their pajamas.

You can’t make this stuff up. It seems the older we Villagers get, the less time we spend worrying about what other people think and the more time we spend doing what brings us joy, inspires us, makes us laugh, and tickles our fancy. That’s why, like so many others who live here, I absolutely love this place.


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