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Monday, September 27, 2021

Hobbies Are Healthy

0916_COVER_StyleWe at Style appreciate our doctors and the many hours they dedicate to their profession. We know how fortunate we are to live in an area filled with health care professionals providing exceptional care. But do you ever wonder what your doctor does when he or she is out of the office enjoying some well-deserved time off? We decided to find out and have talked to several area doctors about their hobbies and interests.

We chose to feature Dr. Wehrly to represent the docs and their hobbies and featured him on the cover because we found his hobby to be the most intriguing, as he collects butterflies. After interviewing Dr. Wehrly, our team was extremely impressed with the knowledge he has about butterflies. For example, did you know that there are 20,000 different species of butterflies, and which one is the rarest of them all? Dr. Wehrly does, and after reading this month’s issue, you will as well.

We also feature Dr. Carlos Medina who loves to fly; Dr. Kim Ireland who is a scuba diver and travels all over the world for new places to explore; and Dr. Erik Zimmerman who plays in a hard rock band. It is so fascinating to see a different side to these doctors, and ultimately be able to live vicariously through them.

Additionally, you have seen the television shows such as “House” or “Mystery Diagnosis” and see what individuals go through in the process of searching for answers about what is ailing them. Many times it’s years and years of searching, only to be told there is no diagnosis for their illness and that there is no explanation for their symptoms. It’s excruciating to watch, so just imagine what it is like to live it. In this issue, we introduce you to several locals who have endured the multitude of medical testing, unexplained symptoms, and have had their illness diagnosed as a mystery. Our hope is that their stories will help someone who has had the same experience, and leads them to find the answers they have been so desperately seeking.

As always, we hope you enjoy reading this month’s issue. We have certainly enjoyed delivering it to you. We would love to hear your feedback or any future story ideas that you would like to share.


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