Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
12:05 am EDT
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

From the Publisher: History on parade

Before modern marvels, the homes of pioneers put Lake and Sumter on the map.

The Parade of Homes has been a tradition in Lake and Sumter counties for many years—not since the late 19th century, but if the Home Builders Association of Lake-Sumter had existed back then, it would have put on quite a show.

Many houses built around that time are still standing and have become historical touchstones: the Baker House, Wildwood, 1890; the Mote-Morris House, Leesburg, 1892; the Donnelly House, Mount Dora, 1893; and the Clifford-Taylor House, Eustis, 1910.

For our annual Homes issue, we recall the history of these houses as a reminder of the area’s past.

In the present, we preview the 2020 Parade of Homes, the tour staged across several communities by the Home Builders Association of Lake-Sumter. Each year, new home designs by local builders are judged in several categories and honored with awards.

Those new houses are likely to utilize smart home technology, which may have unlimited potential in the future. Read about the latest trends, as well as privacy and security pitfalls to avoid, in our feature story.

In related stories, Lisa Templin-Rayborn, executive director of HBA Lake-Sumter, tells a funny story about getting a speeding ticket in “My First Time,” and our “Person of Interest” profiles Realtor Marie Rich and her hippie bus in Mount Dora.

A new department, Attractions, will showcase landmarks, getaways, hidden gems and must-see sites for visitors and residents alike. This month, the Style staff gets a dose of virtual reality at Mind Immersions in Clermont. In Spirits, another new department added recently, we visit Yalaha Bootlegging Co. for a look at the modern age of moonshining. But there’s no need to hide the stills from the revenuers—it’s all legal!

As always, have a great month and stay one step ahead of the law.