High marks for Superintendent Kornegay

Lake County students are not the only ones being graded for their performance. So are high-ranking officials.

It’s safe to say Superintendent Diane Kornegay has more than passed the test.

She received high marks in her most recent evaluation from Lake County School Board members. Collectively, they gave her a total average rating of 4.61 out of 5.0. A 4.0 rating means “meets expectations” and a 5.0 rating means “exceeds expectations.”

Diane scored extremely high in the areas of board governance and policy and communication and community relations. According to a press release, school board member Marc Dodd praised her in his evaluation.

“The superintendent and her staff maintain an extremely positive working relationship with board members. They are easily accessible and quick to provide board members with requested information.”

Board member Bill Mathias offered equal praise in his evaluation.

“The Superintendent is visible throughout the county, attending numerous meetings and events as the representative of Lake County Schools. The relationship she has built with members of the local Commercial Contractors Association has had a direct impact on the success of the Construction Academy at LHS. She also has a positive relationship with members of our legislative delegation, which has resulted in two education appropriations and needed changes to state statutes.”