Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
1:30 am EDT
Sat, July 11, 2020

He’s almost a Beatle: Singer presents ‘An Evening of Sir Paul’

Paul McCartney, not John Babcock.

Paul is not dead. He’s alive and well and living through John Babcock.

The Mount Dora Library Association presents “An Evening of Sir Paul starring John Babcock” at 7:30pm Saturday, May 26, at the Mount Dora Community Building, 520 N. Baker St.

This specially designed show features the music of rock legend Paul McCartney performed by Babcock, one of the best musical artists in Florida, the promotional release states. He has portrayed McCartney for years as part of BeatleBeat, a Beatles tribute band, and now is presenting something new to the public and his fans. Tickets cost $20-$50 and are available through or, or by calling the Mount Dora Chamber of Commerce at 352.383.2165. All money raised will help fund the Mount Dora Public Library and its programs.

For anyone who’s lived under a rock, or without rock, McCartney was in a little band called the Beatles with some guys named John, George, and Ringo in the 1960s, was the subject of death hoaxes, formed the band Wings with his wife, Linda, in the ’70s, and had mixed success as a solo artist for two decades before becoming a ubiquitous presence on tour and in musical collaborations with everyone under the sun while in his 70s.