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11:44 pm EST
Wednesday, February 24, 2021

HEARTFELT ART: Art takes a front seat


Children may soon discover their hidden artistic talents by simply hopping on a bus.

For years, the Early Learning Coalition of Lake County has utilized the Big Blue Bus as a mobile classroom to teach school-age children to read, use computers, and even complete science projects. In September, the bus will have an additional purpose.

The Leesburg Center for the Arts is bringing free art activities to children and youth in Leesburg who live in low- to moderate-income housing neighborhoods as designated by the Community Development Corporation (CDC). The Big Blue Bus will roll into these neighborhoods after school and on Saturdays so children can easily access programs provided by the Leesburg Center for the Arts.

“This is a fantastic way of reaching students who have no other means of utilizing our programs,” says Amy Painter, executive director of the Leesburg Center for the Arts. “Many kids grow up without discovering what they are good at because they were never given opportunities like this. We would like to thank the Early Learning Coalition of Lake County for being so generous.”

Amy says students will be introduced to painting, drawing, sculpture, music, drama, and theatre. Because the bus is already equipped with a DVD player and computer stations, children will also watch cartoons about famous artists and learn about art history.

For more information, call Amy at 352.365.0232.

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