From the publisher: To our readers

Typically, I use this opportunity to talk about our current issue and all the great people we are featuring. This month, I’m going to address our readers about a question that continues to arise. Are your print magazines going away? The answer is no, absolutely not!

We have experienced a 57 percent increase in visitors to our website this year since we introduced “What’s Going On,” which is a section that offers daily stories on our site. In January, my team and I were reviewing web traffic, trends, and statistics, and we realized visitors were coming to the site in strong numbers at the beginning of the month, most likely to view the new magazine and read the newest stories. What we discovered was after the first week, those numbers declined, and then would ramp up again when the next month’s issue was published.

We decided to increase the number of stories that we wrote each month and post daily stories on our website to entice our readers to stay engaged longer and to keep them coming back to us all month long. In the past, there were so many stories presented to us that were time sensitive, and we were unable to share them because of our print deadlines. Now, we post them on our website and share them with you through our social media pages.

The results of this decision are astounding and extremely exciting to us. So much so that we are telling everyone and shouting about it from our rooftop. I believe this excitement and continued talk about our website and digital magazines placed a bit of fear in our print magazine lovers. We were asked on multiple occasions, “What does this mean for your print editions?”

The answer is, we will continue to provide content to our readers in whatever format they prefer to receive it. “Everywhere the reader is” has been our philosophy since we purchased Style in 2010. The good news is, our print magazine readership is stronger than ever. A large majority of our readers still prefer to read the printed edition. We know this because we have not reduced our print circulation and we continue to run out of the printed copies every month.

The only difference now is you get more stories about the people, places, and events in Style on our website. More content has delivered more readers.

“Thank you” for continuing to read Style, and now for coming back to us all month long. Because of you, Style magazine has the largest audience of any publication in Lake and Sumter counties. We truly appreciate your support.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Kendra Akers