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Saturday, December 5, 2020

FROM THE PUBLISHER: Love is in the air

cover-0314When we set out to create this year’s bridal issue, we had no idea just how much fun we would have. As always, we wanted to do something a bit different, which is no easy task. The Akers team discussed many ideas, but one idea quickly developed that we all unanimously agreed was our winner.

That idea was to re-enact the very popular “The Newlywed Game” show. However, we gave it our own spin and geared it toward couples who are not married yet but are engaged. We called it Lake & Sumter Style’s “The Nearlywed Game.” Typically, our brainstorming sessions focus on ideas for upcoming issues of the magazine, but a story like this with an actually game show fit perfectly on “Style TV,” as well as the magazine. Therefore, we set forth with our plan and reached out to the community to find local engaged couples.

We posted a call for participants on our Facebook page and the response was unbelievable. It seemed as though we instantly had chosen our four fantastic couples. Each couple is dynamic, interesting, extremely funny, and completely in love. We wanted our readers to be able to get to know each couple personally, so we are featuring them in the magazine. You can read all about them and then watch the couples play the actual game on “Style TV.”

“The Nearlywed Game” was great fun, but that’s not all. For those of you who are planning or beginning to plan your wedding, we have a great resource available to you to assist you through this process. We reached out to Florida’s No. 1 floral designer Bob Tucker, who happens to live right here in Lake County and is also a well-regarded wedding and event planner.

We asked Bob to share with us the latest trends in colors, fashion, venues, and floral arrangements. However, Bob quickly informed us that there is no exact outline for the perfect wedding; each celebration is a reflection of the couple who is planning it. Therefore, with that in mind, Bob offers some great ideas and options for creating your unique and perfect wedding.

For those of you who are not planning a wedding, stay with us. There is much more in this issue to enjoy. We always do our best to consider all of our readers, and we are certain there is something in this issue for everyone.

Be sure and check out “The Nearlywed Game,” which will air on “Style TV” on Comcast channel 13 and Bright House channel 199.

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