FROM THE PUBLISHER: Improving your Style

Cover-STY_0714As I mentioned last month, we are making some changes to Lake and Sumter Style. I told you last month we added an executive editor, Gary Corsair. His feature in this issue is a perfect example of the changes you will begin to see in the upcoming months.

Our cover feature, “Mean Marie,” is an exclusive. No other media company or publisher has told this story. Gary has spent years investigating it and has interviewed this convicted murderer multiple times. It is no doubt the Crime of the Century here in Lake, Sumter, and Marion counties.

We recently discovered Marie died, so we were unable to get a final interview with her, but the information you read here in this month’s issue will astonish you. Gary was the last person to interview this notorious criminal.

At Style, we typically focus on the great people, places and events in the community, and this story doesn’t really fit in those categories. However, this story was just too good not to tell, and we have the only guy who can share it with you. Also, we wanted to be the first to deliver it.

This type of incredible, in-depth reporting is what you can expect moving forward. Yes, we will still highlight all of the great things happening in the community, but we will bring you a lot of meat to go with it.

Don’t forget, we also have added a daily blog to our website and a weekly newsletter.

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