Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
9:38 pm EST
Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Cover-STYLE_0715I moved to Lake County in 1987 as a 15-year-old high school student. Our family moved around a lot due to my stepdad’s position as a commercial construction superintendent, and because of that, I had lived in some of the largest cities in the state of Florida. At that time, I much preferred the big cities over the small towns.

Even though I never minded change and had grown accustomed to the moves, I still found myself very skeptical about this move. What was there to do for fun in a town I had never even heard about? Shortly after our move, my parents purchased a home on Picciola Island in Fruitland Park, and as soon as we moved in, I quickly learned the value of living in Lake County. There were lots of reasons to love this little town, but the greatest aspect I discovered was the chance to live on the water.

Living on Lake Griffin allowed me to experience a life I had never known before. I could walk out into my backyard and go fishing; I could hop in our boat at any time and go sightseeing; and if I were brave enough, I could always decide to take a swim.

Later, after I grew up and had children of my own, I took full advantage of life in Lake County. I would take my two sons, Michael and Matthew, out on the lakes just about every weekend. We would pack a lunch and spend the day down at Venetian Gardens. At that time, you could ski and swim right off the shores, and it was an awesome way to get the kids out of the house and have a great family day.

Today, our water levels are getting lower, and the lifestyle that we enjoy could be in danger. Which is why we decided to have our researchers dive into the issue, “Are we running out of water?” It’s a scary scenario, but there are things that we can do now to preserve our resources and ensure our lakes’ survival. I invite you to read the magazine this month to educate yourself on the status of our water, and then get involved to maintain and improve our current position.

As always, it is my goal to entertain you with Style magazine, but I also feel it is my responsibility to bring you hard hitting issues that can make Lake and Sumter counties an even greater place to live, work and raise a family.


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