Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
6:38 pm EDT
Saturday, May 15, 2021

From the Publisher: Getting down to business

Meet the 2020 Businessmen of Style

At the beginning of each year, we all look forward with high hopes and new opportunities to celebrate achieving goals, hitting milestones and making the new year better than the last. I am confident when I say, for most of us, 2020 started off as one of the most challenging years in our lifetime. However, you wouldn’t know that as you read through the pages of this month’s issue. What you will see is a vibrant, dynamic and zestful community that is exploding with entrepreneurial spirit. 

For example, this month we introduce the 2020 Businessmen of Style, and on the cover, our Businessman of the Year, Bryan Smith of BP Smith Construction. These men are a clear example of leadership and perseverance. While others have pulled back, these men have put themselves out in the forefront. They are business owners, CEO’s and spiritual leaders who seized an opportunity to stand tall and show the world that they are not easily broken. For that, we salute you. 

Also, you will read a story about two local baseball players who were expected to be selected in the 2020 MLB draft. Our staff waited patiently with them on the night of the draft to see their reaction when their names were called. Unfortunately, it’s not yet their time, and both players were overlooked. Shawn Guilliams of The Villages Charter High School and AJ Shaver of South Lake High School quickly shook off their disappointments and look forward to showcasing their talent at their respective colleges. Shawn will play at the University of North Florida, while AJ is attending Florida State University. Both players still have their sights set on playing Major League Baseball. 

Another great story is the tale of The Dora Queen, a nostalgic riverboat cruise ship coming to Lake County. Again, while other attractions pull back, The Dora Queen pushes onward. 

Lake and Sumter communities are alive and well, bursting with new, exciting adventures and achievements. My team and I are so honored that you allow us to highlight this amazing community and that we are able to provide these stories to you each month through Style magazine. We appreciate your continued support and loyalty. The reason we all thrive is because we tackle challenges together. 

Until next month,